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I'm not by any means new to blogging. But I am new at this colors thing. Well - not to colors in general, but to blogging about them. I have started four new blogs, each dedicated to my love of that specific color. This blog, for instance, will showcase my love for all things GREEN. Each day I'll scan the internet for the cutest GREEN items I can find. And I will post my findings here for all to enjoy! If it's an item for sale, I'll also post a link to the retailer where you can purchase it online. Sometimes, I'll post design or decorating ideas. Sometimes, just photos that I've taken or have found of the emerald hue. Now, a disclaimer: color is simply a passion of mine. I do not work for any of the companies or websites that I showcase. I'm not being paid to do this. This blog is only a hobby and I'm doing it just for fun. So don't take me too seriously :) But by all means, do pass along the link for all those who appreciate the color - lime, apple, jade, olive, forest, sage - whatever you choose to call it, we love our COLOR GREEN!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Green Houses!

I love the color green! However, I don't think I'd paint my home all green - ever! Having said that, though, I do really like this one!

Look how charming this old house is!

I have no idea who in the world would want to paint their home this color. (The site where I found it listed it as "seizure-inducing green.") And yet, I have to say that one reason I love San Francisco is for this very reason!

Look! This house matches the grass! AND the treess!

All I have to say about this one is wow. WOW. Not sure that's what they mean when they say "going green!" (As much as I love "all things green" I think this one goes just a tad bit too far! I'm posting it anyway - just for kicks!)

These three row houses together look like Christmas in Washington, DC! Love it!

This home is in the West Adams section of Los Angeles. I think it's so romantic and charming!

I wish I knew where this photo was taken because I just LOVE this house! I love the craftsman/bungalow style. And the green cottage with green moss growing on the roof is SO cute!

This green house in Poland totally blends in with the trees!

Isn't this house in San Francisco so vibrant?!

The setting for this home is so picture-perfect! I'm not sure where it was taken, but the Canadian flag flying does give some indication :)

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